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Social Initiatives


The Temple has been a pioneer in providing sarvajanika annadana to all the devotees who visit the Temple. Annadana is held everyday both in the afternoon and evening for all those who visit the Temple. Over the past decade or so lakhs of devotees have had the anna prasadam in the Annapurna Hall. Besides the devotees the food from this kitchen is provided the to students of Shri Vyasa Maharshi Vidyapeetha English Medium School daily.

Temple has made provision for devotees to contribute towards this noble cause.  A lot of devotees have willingly contributed to this through one time Seva or Shashwath Seva.

Devotees who wish to contribute towards Annadana Seva can contact the Temple Office.


Veda Pathashala

SVT-4-web The Temple is actively involved in various social initiatives for the benefit of the community and the society at large. The Temple has sponsored in this regard a Charitable Trust :

” Shri Vyasa Maharshi Vidya Peetha”

This trust runs a Veda Paatashala from the building “Laxmi Narayana” opposite to the Temple. The course offered is a 4 year residential course and is completely free. During the four years the students are taught : Sanskrit, Veda, Jyothishya and Karmanga by learned Vaidiks and scholars. Students from all over the country come and stay here and take advantage of this Paatashala.

The Veda Paatshala has a library with collection of rare books on Sanskrit, Veda , Karmanga Prayoga, Madhwa Philosophy, Puranas, Mahabharatha, Ramayana.

A well equipped Meditation Hall is also a part of this building complex.

Devotees who wish to contribute towards this unique seva towards the society can contact the Temple office for more details. Contributions towards this Trust will be have 80 G exemption.

English Medium School

Besides this the Trust also runs an English Medium School. Over 1250 students study in this school which offers education from Kinder Garten to Primary and High School sections. People from all parts of the society come and learn in this school. Free mid-day meals are provided to all  the students. The meals are cooked in the ultra modern kitchen of “Annapoorna ”  hall of the Temple.

Download Brochure – Maharshi Vidya Peeta.pdf – 2.7 MB

The school is equipped with all facilities like

  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Play Ground
  • Activity Centre
  • Class rooms with Digi Class

The students of the school have been consistently  performing well in studies and co-curricular activities. The school has been getting high pass percentages in SSLC exams and often got 100 % results. Students of the school have also been District level toppers in SSLC exams.

Devotees who wish to contribute towards this Vidya Dana seva  can contact the Temple office for more details. Contributions towards this Trust will be have 80 G exemption.