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Anna Dana Seva is supreme and incomparable out of all charities on earth. All life forces come from food and survive with food. So anna dana is nothing but giving PRANA to the living beings.

Anna Dana Seva was started 13 years ago with the purpose of serving devotees, pilgrims and hungry with food as prasadam of the almighty. Food is also served to 1500 school students daily. By the grace of God and the generous contribution of devotees, lakhs of devotees and students have been served in these years and this has been one of the highly appreciated and successful social initiative of the temple.

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Go Seva

The special status of cows and the benefits of caring for them are found throughout the scriptures. The temple maintains a Goshala in its premises with cows and bulls. The bull holds a special significance to our temple as it participates in the various utsavs. The temple Goshala provides everyone a chance to serve these holy animals. If you wish to donate to this cause, please click the button below.

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