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Prathistha Poornima 25 December 2015

Prathistha Poornima of Manmatha Samvatsara was celebrated with great grandeur on Friday Margashira Poornima 25 December 2015.

The previous night Sri Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji was accorded the traditional welcome when Swamiji arrived at the Temple from their camp at  Siddapur.


The new website of the Temple was formally launched by Swamiji on 24 evening.


Swamiji also released the book “Guru Traya Sthothra”. This book has Sthothras on Lord Vedavyas, Acharya Madhwa and our beloved Swamiji Sri Sudhidhra Thirtha. This has also got Madhwa Sahasranama which is rare and not found anywhere else. Madhwa Sahasranama was first printed by Sri Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji in 1989 during Udupi Chathurmas.



Prathistha Poornima

More than 500 years back Sri Vijayeendra Thirtha Swamiji had done the Prathistha the idol of Lord Ugra Narasimha here on Margashira Poornima. Hence  this day is now popular as Prathistha Poornima.

It is the tradition here in Sri Venkataramana Temple Mulki that if Kashi Mutt Swamiji Camp is in Mulki then it is Swamiji who will bring out the idol of Lord Ugra Narasimha and perform the pooja.   This year we were fortunate to have our beloved Sri Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji – Patta Shishya of Sri Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji Kashi Mutt Samsthan camp in Mulki for this occasion.  After the Prathana Sri Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji brought Lord Ugra Narasimha to the Abhisheka Mantap and performed the Pooja, Panchamritha Abhisheka and tender coconut abhisheka.




Pooja at the Sthaniya Mantap




Milk Abhisheka


Curd Abhisheka


Ghee Abhisheka


Honey Abhisheka


Sugar Abhisheka


Tender Coconut Abhisheka



Swamiji performed the Tender coconut Abhisheka of the Lord and then went to the Mutt to perform the pooja of Vyasa Raghupathi. Here at the Temple the archaks continued the Abhisheka of tens of thousands of tender coconuts to Lord Ugra Narasimha.




Thousands of devotees waited patiently in long queues to have a chance of  darshan of the Lord.


Earlier in the day the Nazaru Kanike was brought and offered to the Lord.


In order to ensure all functions are held in time as per the tradition established in the past few years the tender coconut Abhisheka was stopped at 4 pm.  Sri Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji then performed the Kanakabhisheka , Ganga Bhaghirathi Abhisheka to  Lord Ugra Narasimha. After the Abhisheka Swamiji placed the Lord on the Simhasana and performed the Prasanna Pooja.


Evening on the open air stage in from of Laxmi Narayana building  Shree Heramb Ghumat Aarti Mandal from Darghal, Pernem, Goa performed Goan popular traditional bhajans in their unique style.


Meanwhile thousands of people had Darshan of the Lord on the Simhasana and then had the anna prasad of the Lord in Bhoori Samaradhana at Bhojana Shala.


Akshay Nayak, Goa and his companions then enthralled the audience with their stunning performance of music.



After the Ratri Pooja,  the Utsav diety Lord Bindu Madhav was brought out in the golden Palaquin and then the Ratha  Utsav was performed.




The Ratha Utsav was followed by Vishranthi Pooja, Nitya Utsav with Darshana Seva, Chandra Mandal Utsav, Vasantha Pooja after which the Lord was placed back on the Simhasana at 5.30 AM.



Prathistha Poornima is always special. This year it was more so with the divine presence of our Swamiji Sri Samyamindra Thirtha, Patta Shishya of Sri Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji, Kashi Mutt Samsthan. Prathistha Poornima is special because its an outpouring of devotion of the devotees of the Lord towards Him. Its their chance to say Thank You to the Lord for taking care of them in all aspects. Lord Narasimha has always reciprocated the devotion with blessing the devotees with more and hence every year more and more people come and be a part of this great celebration. Great experience. May the Lord Ugra Narasimha bless us all with His Infinite grace.

Volalankadisha Sri Ugra Narasimha ki Jai !!!