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Dhwaja Prathistha – 2011

Dhwaja Prathistha was done in February 6 2011 by Sri Sayyamindra Thirtha Swamji – Patta Shishya of Sri Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji Kashi Mutt Samsthan.

The old Dhwaja had got weak and hence the needed to be replaced. The old Dhwaja was consecrated by Sri Sudhindhra Thirtha Swamiji in the year 1978.

The wood for the dhwaja was brought well in advance after performing  ceremonial pooja and rites. It was treated with oil  to ensure that it lasts longer and stays strong.




For the ceremony the Pura Pravesha of Sri Sayyamindra Thirtha Swamiji was done in a grand manner by receiving them in traditional manner and by a Pallaki Procession on the previous day.



Sri Sayyamindra Thirtha Swamiji along with Kal Bhairav Oracle and Utsav Diety


Pooja and Muhurtha Nireekshane


The idols of Hanuman and Garuda that were installed on top of the Dhwaja.

hanumanta garuda svt

Dhwaja Pooja by Swamiji


Unique Samgama: Sri Swamiji with Kal Bhairav Oracle