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Who doesn’t love a good story?

Stories are a window to our souls. When they are opened, we learn from each other and experience the miracles of God. What you have been through? How much you cherish your memories with the temple? We would like to listen to your story and share it with all. Go ahead.


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Aniruddha Kundley says:

It was in 1998 Oct, I paid a visit to Shri Balaji Temple, Mulki for the first time. It was a difficult journey as I travelled from Nagpur Maharashtra through road.Though it took almost 48 hours but the journey was comfortable. My wife was pregnant at that time and during WASA I asked a question will I be blessed with Son or daughter, to my great surprise the answer got was "whatever your wife desires" and her desire was son. With the grace of Shri Balaji I am blessed with a son. I am very much grateful to the Lord and all the people at Mulki. Also received the best experience from the local people of Mulki. I truely felt the existence of GOD in Mulki.My humble pranams to Lord Shri Balaji.

Udyaver Vedavyas Rao says:

Mulki is my birth on the first day of year 1937 in Udyaver family of Narayan Shanubhogue who had dedicated Mukha Mantapa with Gold Kalasha to Shree Venkataramana Temple Mulki. Blessed & suggested by Shri Sukrateendra Swamiji Kashimatadhipati - named 'Vedavyas'. Till late fourth birth year I had no speech but only dumb acts. My grandfather Vittappa Shenoy offered Prerana at the foot of Shree Venkataraman Temple Deities since then speech started rolling out of my tongue. My family has offered various Shashwatha Sevas to the Temple. Later, had to bear the surname 'Rao' as per the wish of my uncle Dr U A Rao who offered one of the Gold Kalasha for the Garbha Griha of our Temple. Memories and continued dedication to the Temple to the best of our ability. Seeking the divine path & Blessings at the foot of Grama Devatas.


One small & latest incident I would like share how Lord Ugranarasimha graced me to attend “Nazar Kanike procession” held on Prathishta Poornima day, i.e. on 25.12.2015. It was about 35 years ago that I had witnessed this particular procession. So this time I firmly decided to take part in Nazarkanike procession & reached the temple at 7 a.m. After having visited the temple I started walking towards Kudvamam’s residence (from where procession starts) assuming that procession begins at 8 a.m. On my way, a person known to us as “Subbanni” suddenly was there, along with his two wheeler & dropped me at Kudvamam’s Residence despite any request to do so. As soon we reached the venue the procession commenced. Thus I have participated & witnessed the ever graceful event after a very long period. I would have surely missed the procession had I walked all the way. This is how Lord Narasimha graces us even with our smallest wishes.

Athul Kudva says:

Prathistha Poornima is always special. This year it was more so with the divine presence of our Swamiji Sri Sayyamindra Thirtha of Kashi Mutt Samsthan. Prathistha Poornima is special because its an outpouring of devotion of the devotees of the Lord towards Him. Its their chance to say Thank You to the Lord for taking care of them. Lord Narasimha has always reciprocated with blessing the devotees with more and hence every year more and more people come and be a part of this great celebration. Great experience. May the Lord Ugra Narasimha bless us all with His Infinite grace.