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The Golden seal of the temple with Sri Ugra Narasimha at center

  Sri Ugra Narasimha of S.V. Temple , Mulky is mostly known in many places far and near.His divinity is realised by innumerable devotees. He is Very Gracious . All who take shelter in His Lotus feet attain their ambition without failure. He is Great Protector who Libarates his devotees from all miseries and sufferings of life. He loves all who loves him and pray for his mercy. He pardons all sins or all kinds if surrendered to him being merciful . If prayed with implicit faith he gives strength to face any problem of life. In short He blesses his devotees everything to make life worthy and happy. Such a gracious and Great Lord Sri Narasimha adorn the throne of the sanctum-sanctorum of S.V. Temple, Mulky.

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